Times Table



A "times table" application?

Yes: We need to help even high school students to memorize the times table. For whatever reason even some regular high school students have not memorized the times table when they are expected to learn Precalculus. The problem gets worse when working with at risk students, or students in special schools. An application that can drill students, after the basic facts of multiplication have been, explained to them comes handy. An implementation of this application for the TI 84 has been used in a high school classroom setting to help students memorize the times take, and it definitely works. Moreover: experience shows that it's not only kids, but parents and working people in general that have a need to rehearse the times table, despite the prevalence of electronic calculators.

The application is highly intuitive: the device will generate multiplication problems at random, scoring students' answers in a manner that depends on the difficulty of each problem, which tends to increase when the student is successful and decrease when the student is struggling. When a student makes a mistake, a "toast" appears to provide feedback.

After 20 questions have been answered, the title bar will start displaying the number of questions as well as the percent answered correct, which can be used by a teacher or supervisor to assess a student's progress. Depending on the student, three or more two hundred questions sessions will be required to train him.