To Reach Two Goals with an Act

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    Two Animations (Simplified Chinese; Traditional Chinese) & 5Q-Book (Simplified Chinese; Hanyu Pinyin, Traditional Chinese; Zhuyin; Hanyu Pinyin, English)
    Content: This Chinese idiom means to do one task and finish two or more goals. This app not only shows the original and modern meanings of ‘一举两得,’ but also teaches the individual characters. There are two animations and a Chinese idiom comic strip.

    1. To Have It Both Ways with a Single Act
    (Simplified Chinese animation of 54 seconds, Traditional Chinese animation of 54 seconds, illustrated audio book of 9 pages and word lists, comic strip of 2 pages)

    Age: Recommended for Grade 1 students.
    Level: Helpful Chinese reading for basic level learners.
    Characters: Contains 450+ basic level Chinese characters.

    Animation (Simplified): Story animation with simplified Chinese subtitles.
    Animation (Traditional): Story animation with traditional Chinese subtitles.
    5Q-Book (Simplified): Illustrated audio book with simplified Chinese text; Hanyu Pinyin.
    5Q-Book (Traditional): Illustrated audio book with traditional Chinese text; Hanyu Pinyin; Zhuyin.
    5Q-Book (English): Illustrated audio book with English text.
    Word list: Chinese words with Hanyu Pinyin, English explanation and Chinese explanation.
    Comic strip (Simplified; Traditional): Audio situation comic strip with simplified Chinese and traditional subtitles.
    Introduction of four Chinese characters (Simplified; Traditional): Illustrated audio book with simplified and traditional Chinese text.
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