Top 20 Cats and Kittens FREE




    Abyssinian, Burmese, Maine Coon, Persian, Norwegian Forest, Siamese, Russian Blue and many more! This educational game uses 40 colourful photos of adorable kittens and adult cats, to teach you to recognize the world's top 20 favourite breeds of cat. Enjoy the photos, identify the correct cat and listen to the spoken facts with each one.

    * Entertaining game to teach you the world's top 20 favourite breeds of cat
    * 40 colourful photos of adorable kittens and the adult cats they become
    * Lots of interesting facts about each cat breed
    * Race Mode to test your memory
    * Slideshow Mode to show you all the photos and facts in sequence
    * Easy on-screen gestures for Facts, Race Mode, Race Results, Slideshow Mode, Story Mode, Zoom and Pan Mode, Quiet Mode, Wikipedia and Help.
    * No push advertising and no internet connection required.

    "Top 20 Cats and Kittens" features Race Mode, which asks you questions at speed to test your memory. At the end of the race, you can check how well you have done relative to your other races. Slideshow Mode shows you all the photos and facts in sequence. Simply slide through the images with your finger on the screen, both horizontally and vertically. Zoom and Pan Mode allows you to magnify the photos and see more detail. Quiet Mode allows you to play this game with or without voice prompts. And you can quickly jump to the relevant page on Wikipedia for more information.

    The paid version of this app has much higher resolution photos than the free version.

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