Types of Forest Pro



Forests are a piece of land which is characterized with wild trees reaching the skies, variety of shrubs and grasses, streams falls, birds, animals, insects and tribal.
Modern scientific and technology developments have completely alienated man from forests. This APP helps Kids and Students to understand the different type of forest, will encourage them to be eco–friendly and aware of the environment.
Students should be taught about the environment and forest at early stages of school education to make them a responsible citizens in future and play a part in the protecting the environment from the pollutions, which is an ill-effect of Industrialization and Globalization.
The classification of forest is based on the type of terrain, flora and fauna. The APP helps to get a grasp of different types of forest present.
A short description of each type of forest presented in a neat graphics and with the backdrop picture of the forest described.
The main menu list all the major type of Forest and can be scrolled back and forth to view all the type of forest portrayed.
The quiz part of the APP will help to self-evaluate the understanding of the students about the Forest, it is a fun-filled learning process, the answers can be reviewed at end of each quiz
Previous and Next button helps in scrolling to the left and right.
Interesting facts about Forests is an added feature of this app.