Ultimate Chemistry Quiz



Enjoy chemistry in a fun, relevant, exciting and stimulating way.

Learning and practicing a science is always more fun when it's part of a game. This application uses game play to challenge both adults and kids alike. Questions range from basic to advanced to improve your Chemistry knowledge.

Different game play modes can be used test your speed and understanding. So, whether you want to play under the pressure of a timer or see how far you can get with multiple choice questions, this quiz will inspire and build your confidence. The quiz will give any science novice the confidence to tackle school chemistry, explore more advanced concepts and help build a solid foundation for future science. The topics covered are:

Solid, Liquid & Gas
Physical change & Chemical Change
Matter, atoms and nuclei
Periodic classification of elements (Periodic Table)
Relative atomic mass, relative formula mass, isotopes
Chemical reaction and equation
Acids, alkalis and Salts
Titrations and mixtures
Rates of reaction, energy changes and reversible reactions,
Chemical synthesis and Isomerism
Metals and Alloys
The Earth and its atmosphere & The Earth's structure,
Rocks and soils
Fuels, carbon and its compound
Hydrocarbons and Polymers

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