Unit of Volume Converter



This app makes it easy to convert different units of volume to each other.

The following units are supported:

+ Cubic millimeter
+ Cubic centimeter
+ Liter
+ Hectoliter
+ Cubic meter
+ Cubic kilometer
+ Stere (Wood)
+ Cubic inch
+ Cubic foot
+ Cubic yard
+ Register ton (RT)
+ Cubic mile
+ Barrel oil, bbl (US)
+ Barrel oil, bbl (UK)
+ US customary fluid ounce (US fl oz)
+ Imperial fluid ounce (Imp fl oz.)
+ US Pint
+ UK Pint
+ US Quart
+ UK Quart
+ US gallon
+ UK gallon
+ Barrel, bl (US)
+ Barrel, bl (UK)

All units are described. Perfect for school or university or just to use it in your allday life!

Happy converting!

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