University English Digest no3



University English Digest (English no3)
大學英語文摘 第3期

“University English Digest” is the first smartphone magazine in the world designed specifically for English learners. It is published once a month in Google Play. Each issue contains nine enjoyable English lessons and a large number of example sentences. University English Digest enables you to study English anywhere, anytime! Listen to the audio and read the example sentences aloud, your listening comprehension and speaking abilities will largely improve!
「大學英語文摘」是全球第一個為英語學習而設計的手機刊物。每月在 Google Play 發行。每期收錄九篇有趣英文文章及相關的英文例句。「大學英語文摘」能讓您隨時隨地學習英語。每天聽英文語音檔,並大聲複誦,您的聽力與會話保證大大地進步!

University English Digest has a number of features that help readers learn English efficiently:
1. Chinese translations are always placed right below the English sentences.
2. All of the example sentences are clearly pronounced by experienced English narrators.
1 中文翻譯置於英文句子之下。
2 所有英文章節句子都有經驗老到的英文配音員發音。

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