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★ Eureka English expression dictionary full single largest domestic appliance
★ English speaking and listening, try changing your habits now!


It is learned by repeated listening and imitating English ♦ ♦
"That report, listen, I is English!"

★ 130 core over 6,000 English expressions contextual sentence autoplay
★ perfect sync of voice and text, and the screen automatically switches
★ EKE possible repeat settings (English - Hangul - English) scheme
★ Korean / Korean-English sentence than 6,000 to 50,000 word search

√ life, travel, study, business, learning English training
√ English interview preparation, TOEFL Speaking, ohpik, listen L / C test


Introduction ◈ content

Challenge! The 6000 is an experienced English speaking learning school than 60,000 people are in the offline and online learners "Eureka Golden English Dictionary English expression" one optimized for mobile learning environment for teaching and audio files that have already been proven.

◈ EKE drill Eureka English Learning

After you hear the standard 2) Hangul English sentence mean EKE drill is one of the first to hear) English 3) verification that can engrave on noeri learners of English as a repetitive practice how to express in English again and once more hear effective English learning The method

As you practice your listening and speaking repeatedly EKE drill how to create your own patterns of English and I want to express my ears are so accustomed to through step conversion (revising) to mimic a variety of representations (imitating) the English expression speaking of which can make it far step (creating) fluent English conversation will lead.

(Listen) Imitating> Revising> Creating (Speak)

Challenge all of you who work hard at their location to be a global leader in the Basic English today! Click to making your desired goals and get enough of each bar formed over 6,000 speaking English.

◈ Learning Contents INDEX

1 daily conversation
2 HR
3 Audit and apple / praise and encouragement
Asked 4 / Guide
5 meeting / suggestions / advice
7 school
8 working life
9 phone
10 Relationship
11 emotions
12 Personality and Attitude
13 Criticism
14 Hobbies / Games / TV
15 Restaurant / Pub
16 Time and date / appointment
17 Travel / Hotels
18 Shopping / Transportation
19 Physical condition / hospital and pharmacy
20 daily express
21 other representation
22 sayings and proverbs

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