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    Winner of the 2013 Readers' Choice Award for Best Spanish App for Android!!

    Spanish Verb Champion is the most effective way to learn Spanish verbs and their conjugations. It is not a boring and ineffective flashcard tool, like so many other apps, that merely give you multiple choice answers. Instead, it’s a game that allows you to actually spell out the correct verb and its conjugations in a way that better mimics how you use the language in real life communications and exams! Try it out free and be amazed at how quickly you learn verbs, their meaning, and their conjugations.

    Spanish Verb Champion allows complete control of your learning experience. You can choose which verbs, tenses and subjects you want to work on, and even save them as a custom list so you can practice again and again. You can also track your progress with saved metrics that show your improving scores.

    With over 500 Spanish verbs, engaging game-play, scoring, and full customization, Spanish Verb Champion is the most effective Spanish verb training tool available. Great for those learning Spanish for traveling, fun, class, as well as for AP Spanish test prep.


    More Details:

    Custom Challenge option allows complete customization of which verb tense, subject, and verbs you want to practice. This allows you to specifically learn verbs, tenses, and subjects that are on a test or that are giving you the most trouble. Customization allows students, from beginner to expert, to play and learn on their own level.

    English translations of all 520 verbs are put at the top of the screen, so that players will have the English translations etched in their memory the more they play the game. This teaches both translation and conjugation at the same time.

    Unlike other apps, each person who wants to play can log in as a different player which allows you to see your personal game scores and not have them mixed with other players' scores. Your game scores are saved and you can see your improvement as time goes on. This is especially useful for families and schools with multiple users.

    Quality game play makes using Spanish Verb Champion fun and addictive, which help students of all skill levels learn more. r traveling, fun, class, as well as for AP Spanish test prep.

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