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    VerbGenie is a useful intuitive application for conjugating different French Verbs in 20 different tenses. VerbGenie not only lets you conjugate useful verbs but can change it into the negative form or as a question. Combined with an intelligent French/English search engine and with no internet connection needed, it is perfect for students or French learners at any level. Also with a new text-to-speech function for supported phones.


    Conjugates all regular verbs
    Conjugates all irregular verbs in current use
    Simple and Advanced tenses, including participles
    Shows the English translation of the conjugation
    Search by the French infinitive, verb form or verb phrase
    Automatic correction of accent errors
    Easy to use accent button
    Search by English definition or verb phrase
    1000 English definitions stored
    Recognizes and displays negative and question forms
    Help and examples on the use of French tenses