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ViSH is a meeting point for scientists and teachers to connect students to top scientific centers around the world. Via a central web portal, it provides scientists, teachers and their pupils as well as policy makers a package of activities, materials, and tools for enabling the integration of e-Infrastructures into school curricula.

ViSH is the main access point. It contains a selection of e-Infrastructures, a social network where scientists and teachers will be able to exchange and establish collaborations, and a virtual excursion room, where pupils will be able to experience real e-science applications in areas of high relevance for the future, such as Nano- and bio-technologies, volunteer computing, and life sciences.

The main purpose of the ViSH is to enable students and teachers access to the experimental laboratories and resources of selected e-Infrastructures in order to improve science curricula by enriching school’s existing teaching and learning materials. By connecting e-Infrastructures, resources and tools with schools, pupils can experience challenging and authentic learning scenarios. Thus, students gain insights in scientific real work and relive interest in natural science education.

General Information:

The project behind ViSH is GLOBAL excursion (Extended Curriculum for Science Infrastructure Online). It is a support action funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme -FP7 and attributed to DG Connect – Excellence in Science – Digital Science.

GLOBAL excursion is a new way to science education. In this project we will introduce e-Infrastructures to educators and their pupils between 14-18 years of age (upper stage school). The driving themes currently are Nano- and bio-technologies, as well as volunteer computing and life sciences with an interdisciplinary focus especially including ethical, legal and social aspects (ELSA).

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