Viva Korean Basic



Easy, Simple, Fast Korean Learning!
Free!, whole contents(over 800 expressions), whole function! no trial!

****** Feathers ******

1. Level: beginners & tourists
2. Price: free
3. Duration: no limitation, almost permanent usage
4. Internet connection: once download, use without WIFI
5. Contents: whole 20 categories(basic daily conversation), pronunciation is noted in alphabet, so you can learn Korean right now(without knowing Korean characters)
6. Sound: voice recording, Seoul(Korea) pronunciation & intonation
7. Function: search, favorite, loop play, slow play, magnifier(for tourists),..
8. Optimization: 5 inch display smart phone and 7 inch display tab(or PAD)

Contents category: Basic, Numbers, Feeling, Opinion, Time, Greeting, Weather, Transportation, Communication, Shopping, Hotel, Restaurant, Hobby, Learning, Culture, Emergency, Internet, Hospital, Pharmacy, Bank

Viva Korean App is a Korean learning App. We sorted out most frequently used and practical expressions in Korean's life. This App includes Basic (verb, noun, adjective, adverb), and daily life expressions that can be used right now. Beginners, young men, business men, and travelers can use this App usefully. Recorded voice is the style of Seoul(the capital of Korea). We try to make this App easy and simple for beginners. We hope you can understand and enjoy Korea's culture and Korean's life by using this App. Thanks.

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