To know a language it´s essential to know the vocabulary. To learn this vocabulary you mostly write them into a vocabulary -book. But sometimes you forget this book at home, so you are not able to learn the vocabulary or write them into the book.

Everybody knows this problem.

The solution for this problem is the vocabulary-app for mobile phones with an android system. You have your mobile phone with you nearly every time and you never forget it as often as your vocabulary-book. With the vocabulary -app you are able to use this fact to write the vocabulary in your virtual vocabulary-book every time. You are also able to use your unused time you spend waiting at train stations or waiting rooms to improve your language skills.

With the learning system you are able to check your own vocabulary knowledge. The system is going to test the wrong vocabulary more often than the right one.

With the playful build-up it is especially a motivation for children to learn their vocabulary and check their improvement.

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