Voting Card North Carolina




    Voting Card North Carolina is exclusively for the Tar Heel state's voters and politicos. It is the perfect way to stay connected with Washington, D.C. and local policy and political developments, as well as, to show your proud support for the state.

    This democracy app offers the following useful features:
    * Countdown to the 2012 Presidential Election;
Up to the minute daily national political news for your state and the Presidential election;
* Locate your U.S. Congressman (by zip code) or Senator (by state); 

    * Follow policy developments in Congress, including the latest U.S. House of Reps and Senate schedules, votes cast by Members of Congress, legislation, committee schedules, the White House and Supreme Court too; and, 

    * Access political party news and websites.
    Plus: use the gavel sound effect to preside over and conduct your own town hall meetings or hearings!

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