Watchmen Pastors



As you live out your calling as a pastor, Watchmen on the Wall wants
to serve you, stand with you, and be an encouragement to you. Watchmen
Pastors Android application provides a way for you to stay connected to
other pastors and to what is going on in America as you:

1) Pray for our nation
2) Preach without apology
3) Partner with other pastors

This is done within the app by a giving you the ability to

1) View posts from the following categories: Popular, News, Prayer, Alerts, and Conversations
2) Respond to any post
3) Submit your own post (with image) to the Prayer Request and Conversation discussions
4) View the author bio information attached to post

Some are quick to dismiss the Watchmen Pastors battle as purely
"secular" as opposed to our "sacred" duty as spiritual leaders. That
is a false dichotomy. Jesus said that the Greatest Commandment is
twofold: Love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength and love
your neighbor as yourself (Matt. 22:37-39). If we love our neighbors
as we love ourselves, we will want what is best for them and we will
work for the common good.

Our choice of public servants, who make decisions about public policy
and law, has a profound impact on the common good and therefore the
wellbeing of our neighbors. Join Watchmen on the Wall as we build a
network of Pastors desiring to see God's will in our Nation.