Ways to Promote Your Web Site



The main reason for building a website or creating a blog is in hopes of either making money or getting people to read what you have to say.
In order to do either we need website visitors. And not all website visitors are equal. It's best if a high percentage of your website visitors are people interested in the subject of your site, not people who wind up there by accident.
And, it's better still if your traffic is free...if it comes as a result of places like;
1) Yahoo Answers.
2) Myspace.com
3) Yahoo Groups
4) Stumbleupon.com
5) Forums
6) Craigslist.org
7) Site maps
8) E-Book Giveaway
9) Website Design
10) Submit To Directories
11) Tell a Friend
12) Search Engine Optimization
13) Squidoo.com
14) Social bookmarking sites
15) Article Promotion
16) Site Explorer .....


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