WBIT Reality




This application will introduce augmented reality into the Wide Bay Institute of TAFE learning environment.

What it does

Augmented reality is a visual enhancement or a way of obtaining further information about a product, device or in this case paper-based learning materials. As more images are added to the library then your ability to view more information will grow. Images that have been removed from public display will be deleted with updated replacements. A page will be set up to show the current augmented images at http://www.widebay.tafe.qld.gov.au/index.html.

How to use the application

Installing this application on your device creates a link that will automatically give you access to the Wide Bay Institute of TAFE augmented reality channel. This is a form of subscription to the channel where updates will occur on a regular basis.

1. Download and install the application
2. Run the application
3. When the application first runs it will open the camera on your device
4. Find an image from a directed source (engine image at Google Play)
5. Hold the camera up to the image and view the results

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