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    WELCOME TO READERVILLE is the first in a series of eight learn-to-read apps. Each app was designed to make learning to read simple and fun. Readerville simplifies the reading process by breaking reading into small blocks of learning. Each block features a few letter sounds and sight words. The letter sounds are used in phonetic words. The phonetic words and sight words are used in sentences your child can read. This simple concept promotes reading success.
    Each READERVILLE APP includes three reading games:
    GAME 1. TAP AND TELL will introduce 5 letter sounds and 4 sight words. Once your child has memorized them, he or she is ready for the next game.
    GAME 2. READ A WORD will help your child blend the 5 letter sounds to read several different phonetic words.
    GAME 3 is called “READ THE COMICS.” In this game the sight words and phonetic words from the previous games are used in sentences that create a comic strip your child can read.

    WWW.ZING-ZOOM.COM is the home of Readerville. Here you’ll find everything you need to teach your child how to read. Our INTERACTIVE GUIDE includes ten activities that are easy to teach and fun to do. You can view our ani-mated MINI-MOVIES featuring letter sounds, sight words, phonetic words and a follow-along reading book. You can print FLASHCARDS and other colorful and unique READING MATERIALS. These activities will enhance the app learn-ing experience. Readerville will give your child the knowledge and confidence to be a reader.

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