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What's Inside?

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    What's Inside?

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    A much safer way of teaching your childrens about [What’s inside?] food without using an actual knife.

    Our App helps your children understand what the inside of the ingredient, they eat everyday, look like.

    We’ve provided cute children-friendly pictures of the ingredients, along with the pictures of [What’s inside?]

    An actual image of the ingredient is followed along with an English lesson,

    to help you children get familiar with English while they are learning.

    We hope this app helps children get to know ingredients and help them have a balanced diet.

    [How to play]

    1) An image of an ingredient pops up. (let’s take Kiwi for example…)

    2) If your child touches the Kiwi, a cute drawing of “what’s inside” of the Kiwi is shown.

    3) If you touch it again, an actual image on a Kiwi along with English pronounciations will be provided.

    We are planning on continous upgrades for your children's enjoyment. We hope you enjoy our App.

    [Total of 40 Ingredients]

    - bread
    - apple
    - carrot
    - banana
    - chili
    - potato
    - strawberry
    - orange
    - kiwi
    - onion
    - egg
    - cherry tomato
    - paprika
    - cucumber
    - lemon
    - pineapple
    - watermelon
    - eggplant
    - grape
    - pear
    - melon
    - mushroom
    - cabbage
    - zucchini
    - cherry
    - peach
    - lotus root
    - peanut
    - meat
    - broccoli
    - persimmon
    - pumpkin
    - chestnut
    - pea
    - blueberry
    - avocado

    [December’s Updates]
    - mango
    - garlic
    - sweet potato
    - corn

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