Where's My Honey?



Improve kids’ math and organisational skills while playing this cute, adorable game.

Rio the bear lives in a tranquil forest. He loves various types of foods but honey is his absolute favorite. However, it is not always easy to find and collect honey and Rio needs your help.
Honey hides in the honeycombs up in the trees and needs to be directed to Rio’s pots. Sometimes there are obstructions(wood blocks, guard birds), you need to use hollow tree chunks as pipes to bypass them.

Rio hates any honey waste, so you will have to fill all pots full with 100% honey, empty, half-full or spill over are totally unaccepted and Rio will fail you for any waste of honey. Also, the bees are coming, so you have to think and act fast to avoid bee stings.

How to play:
1.select tools and pots from Rio’s storage(brown area).
2.move and place them to the right positions.
3.click “go” and start to collect honey.

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