WildKey Common Trees



Whether you are a complete novice or an expert you can use this app to identify and record 40 common UK trees*. Choose whether to be guided by simple prompts and images (WildKey) or simply go to the gallery to record your observations. Records can be uploaded live to the WildKnowledge Portal or stored offline, so you don’t need a phone signal to use the app! WildKey lets you answer questions at the point of inspiration and can be a great teaching aid turning the novice into anexpert.

Uploaded records can be, visualised via reports, charts and maps and can be kept private, or shared with the community.

WildKnowledge produce a range of WildKeys so check them out..if there is an area we haven’t covered (or you think you can do better!) download the WildKey UGC app which will enable you to make your own keys (if your key isgood we may even make it into an app and share the revenue with you)

*includes native/non-natives and deciduous/conifers. Images © Philips