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Pin-point measures of world history
Ask a Japanese name] [English abbreviation → abbreviation, such as international organizations in world history in English
Quiz-type application appearance

Memorize English abbreviated form such as a quiz to measure the problem of frequent international organizations · In recent years!
Just select the full name from the three selected · English acronym!
Political and economic history of modern society to combat global university examination?
· MARCH (Meiji, Aoyama Law Rikkyo middle) level, total full support to the level of Sophia!
Employment testing issues common sense Arts (English) also supported!
Eiken · Eiken UN support to people with knowledge of students to put a TOEIC!

Level Three
Frequent testing center level ..., mid-level private universities
Normal level ... MARCH, private universities challenging levels (employment exam is recommended to study here)
Sophia level difficulty level total ...
The questions 10 questions 20 questions at random from each section ※.

From the author
"In recent years, college admissions, total permanent problem, especially world history is becoming more and more English abbreviations of international organizations question the issue.
Also, the problem of English and only know the full name and abbreviation in English of international organizations, it is possible to solve the problem efficiently.
This application is based on the materials used in courses that total anti-Sophia we actually created a problem.
Also, even with the full name in the description. I hope this app will help your exam. "

[Agency name] Japanese acquisition
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
International Monetary Fund
International Labour Organization (Organization)
International Atomic Energy Agency
U.N. peacekeeping activity
UN peacekeepers
General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
World Trade Organization
North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries
Association of Southeast Asian Nations
Ministerial Conference on Regional Economic Cooperation in Asia Pacific Ocean
Palestine Liberation Organization
European Community
European Union
Limited Test Ban Treaty
Stop Treaty Comprehensive Nuclear Test
Official Development Assistance

Communist Information Bureau
Eastern Europe, Council for Mutual Economic Assistance
United Nations Children's Fund
World Health Organization
UN interim administration in Cambodia
United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization
North American Free Trade Agreement
Organization of African Unity
Group of newly industrialized economies region
Irish Republican Army
Organisation for European Economic Cooperation
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
European Coal and Steel Community
European economic community
European Atomic Energy Community
European Free Trade Association
Intercontinental ballistic missile
Gross domestic product
Nongovernmental organization
Commonwealth of Independent States
General Headquarters Supreme Commander for Allied Powers
Central Intelligence Agency

Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank)
Organization of American States
Western European Union (Treaty)
Middle East Treaty Organization
Central Treaty Organization
Security Treaty Pacific Ocean
Southeast Asia Treaty Organization
South Pacific Forum
Pacific Ocean Islands Forum

Educational Research Association Jiyugaoka / supervised work

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