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"Xinhua Dictionary 2013" The latest authoritative version is the best Android Google play market, the query fastest, most operating experience kanji dictionary, a comprehensive collection of the latest version of the Xinhua Dictionary
20,809 Chinese characters. Fast, accurate, detailed, complete, detailed, in-depth, is the most important feature of this dictionary.
Software collects all of China's national standard Chinese characters, Chinese characters collected complete, authoritative, scientific, is an excellent tool for learning assistant.

Operation description:
Enter the characters in the edit box, press the search button on the right will investigate your required inspection characters.

Software Features:
1, [Chinese] new search word retrieval experience - Intelligent Chaizi query
2, [phonetic search]
3, [search] lists all radical radical, in alphabetical order, you can enter radical strokes, to identify all the radicals.
4, [Wubi input search]
5, [Radical Strokes search]

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