Your Emotional Quotient - EQ




    Do you know your Emotional Quotient can predict just how happy you will be in your new relationship, new job and tell you how you are likely to emotionally respond to things? Never mind your IQ (Intelligence Quotient), experts now herald your EQ - Emotional Quotient as the most important factor about a persons personality.

    If both you and your partner take this quiz, you can see how compatible you are - it is a love test of sorts. Similarly, try and spend time with people of the same emotional quotient as you for maximum happiness.

    Take this quiz now and find out your emotional intelligence.

    This was my result:
    You scored ABOVE AVERAGE on the emotional quotient spectrum. People who score better then average on the EQ usually tend to be good at dealing with social or emotional conflicts. It is not difficult to express your feelings or deal with emotional situations--however keep in mind that with EQ there is always room for improvement and growth.

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