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Of the 72 national youth organizations and youth of the key information in an application that provides general information is managed by Korea Youth Council.
○ 72 local youth organizations and youth organizations of Information General Information (Purpose, mayors, addresses, maps, contact details, website, email, etc.) and key information (operational program, membership sign-up process, etc.) provides a
○ Korea Youth Council (cheonghyeop) and cheonghyeop established and operating in an international youth center, youth hostels, provide key information
○ information, youth leaders, DB (youth laws and administrative agencies, youth Instructor and counselor, youth after-school academy, youth-related academic materials, etc.) provides a
○ cheonghyeop Cyber ​​School (youth study lessons free video) Information
○ cheonghyeop and Gender Equality, Youth International Information Exchange Network website announcements, etc.
○ The main institutions, youth facilities and community colleges, address and website information
○ Youth Telephone (1388), school violence hotline (1588-9128), and Information

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