Zap Steamcast

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    Zap Steamcast allows you to play 50+ "Steamcasts" (podcasts) by visionary philosopher and writer Jonathan Zap while doing other stuff on your device. A sophisticated player streams the audio content from a server so that the approximately 80 hours of content (with more coming) does not eat up your memory. Steamcast also provides quick access to the Zap Oracle that has 660+ cards and allows you to do five types of readings on your device. With a free membership to the oracle all your readings, plus any notes you add, are saved for you on our server indefinitely. Theme Tracker analyzes individual readings and all readings from a date interval you specify for archetypal themes.

    The full function Steamcast player gives you an expanding audio library of podcasts on an amazing diversity of subjects---the nature of psychopaths and their influence on the financial meltdown, a synthesis on the stance of the Warrior and how it is presented in various traditions, the historic roots of the modern myth of romantic love and how it often dominates our lives, practical strategies and psychological insights to help you manage your time, enrich your relationships, empower your life and otherwise navigate through the murky waters of human incarnation. Some podcasts have a serious tone, others present deep insights in a surreal way that draws you down various rabbit holes. All the podcasts are vividly performed by the author, Jonathan Zap. "One of my favorite thinkers and writers is my friend Jonathan Zap. His insights are simultaneously cosmic and intimate, shocking and healing. Among visionary philosophers, he offers one of the smartest perspectives about the evolutionary changes we're in the midst of. "---Rob Brezsny