2012 Last Message



It's an application that allow you to write your last message of maximum 140 script,before the end of the world due for the ancient Maya on December, 21st 2012
Once confirmed and sent for free, the message will be saved inside a "black box" like the one provided to the aircraft and guarded inside a secret bunker server.
If the Mayan prophecy would really come true and the environmental disaster would sweep away the humanity, your message would be safe and would be maybe find in who knows how many years from now and kind of new generation.
It could be you to change the fate of a new era: An advice, a story, a statement,think about how many things may interest to people that will come next.
Moreover, executing facebook connect, you will have for free the chance to post only one telephone number to which will be delivered your " 2012 last maessage" few hours before the fateful date. A unique opportunity to tell something that you would never have dared to say...
To learn more, link to our website: www.2012lastmessage.com

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