3D Drizzles Cherry Branch Free



Rainy spring day and the rain make you perceive so clearly the aroma of cherry blossoms even more. It feels all the air around is just enriched by it. It’s bitter and sweet at the same time. Wonderful combination…
Small drops of warm rain are falling from the petals and make them bright and clean. They take all the city dust away and you also feel how you become more and more clean.

All the bad memories, all the negative emotions are swept away by these rain drops. You are light and clean. Your soul is like the petal - white and innocent. You feel you are ready to something completely new and exciting; you are cleaned and prepared to new spring in your life, new beginning of something wonderful.
Expand blossom of the cherry fills your heart with joy and happiness!

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* Realistic Quality HD artwork.
* Sounds available in deluxe version
* Really Full HD, realistic 3D.
* Few optimizations to improve compatibility
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