Stop Smoking - Start Playing!
Discover 3D augmented reality on every* tobacco packet.
For the first time, there is a new, funnier and healthier use for cigarette packets.
With the 3Dquit you can watch several pop-up 3D animations appear on the most popular cigarette brands.

1. Download the application and activate it.
2. Point the camera on the logotype of a cigarette packet.
3. Enjoy the 3D augmented reality animations.
If you tap the "stop-smoking" button the 3D animation will become more active.
To make the 3D animation become again less active, tap the "start-smoking" button.
For each complying cigarette packet there is a different animation, discover them all!

To make this app come true, we are using the best possible technology in the market. But still, this app very much depends on the light, your camera's quality, focus ability and recognition sensitivity.
DO NOT PURCHASE THIS APP IF YOUR DEVICE DOES NOT CORRESPOND TO THE ABOVE. The app though, will still work with a low-end camera but not as easily.

*Tobacco brands:
• Marlboro (Red, Red 100's, Red Soft, Red Intense, Gold Original, Gold 100's Original, Gold Original Soft, Gold Touch, Flavor Mix, Flavor Plus, Core Flavor, White Mint).
• Camel (Filters, Blue, Silver, Black, Milds Orange).
• Winston (Classic, Blue, White, Silver, Filters, Menthol).

More tobacco brands and new 3D animations will be added continuously and free of charge.

Official website: http://www.3dquit.com
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/3Dquit
Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/3Dquit

If you are having some difficulties to make this app work properly, please contact us and our Support Team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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