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- King Edward VII
- King Henry VIII
- Catherine of Aragon
- Anne Boleyn
- Jane Seymour
- Anne of Cleves
- Kathryn Howard (Catherine Howard)
- Katherine Parr
- Thomas Wolsey
- Thomas Cromwell
- Pope Benedict XVI
- Ambassador Bishop Chapuys
- Edward Seymour
- Richard Rich
- Bishop Gardiner
- Thomas Boleyn 
- George Boleyn
- Sir Thomas More
- Anne Stanhope 
- Thomas Wyatt
- Lady Rochford 
- Cardinal Campeggio
- Lady Anne Clifford
- Anthony Knivert
- Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey
- Thomas Cranmer 
- Mark Smeaton 
- William Compton 
- Ambassador Charles de Marillac
- Cardinal Reginald Pole

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