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    EmergInfo - Emergency Info for Car Accidents & DUI's with BAC Calculator (Blood Alcohol Tester) in the same app. Created by Accident & DUI / DWI Lawyers, we provide you with information to help you make difficult choices & necessary tools to help you protect your rights.

    The EmergInfo DWI / DUI Help & BAC Calculator (Blood Alcohol Meter) application boasts an unprecedented collection of features.

    •Quick-Click Notification – Our patented "Quick-Click Notification" system notifies your family and friends via text and email that you have been arrested, the GPS location of the arrest and the names and telephone numbers of local lawyers who are always on call to provide 24/7 emergency legal help.

    •Approxilyzer(TM) BAC-Blood Alcohol Content Calculator – Never again will you have to guess your level of intoxication. The EmergInfo BAC Blood Alcohol Calculator / Alcohol Breath Tester relies on the United States Department of Transportation, National Safety BAC Regulations for determining BAC Results.

    •Quick-Click Recorder – Record your interaction with the arresting police officer to ensure that the interaction is accurately recorded and that the police cannot falsify statements to try to secure a conviction.

    •Call a Cab - Use the BAC Calculator (Blood Alcohol Calculator), if drunk, Call a Cab enables you to access local car services.

    •Call Lawyer Now Button - Call Lawyer Now button on every page so that you can always get immediate 24/7 legal help.

    The EmergInfo Accident Help application recognizes that accidents are stressful and we seek to reduce the stress of collecting accident information while also preventing you from being a victim of fraud by featuring a single flow application – meaning you never have to move back and forth between pages.

    •Quick-Click Notification - Our patented "Quick-Click Notification" system notifies your family and friends via text & email that you have been involved in an accident, the GPS location of the accident and to contact the police on your behalf if you are unable to answer the phone.

    •Record Accident Info - Our step-by-step instructions direct you to record all relevant information that you will need to provide to your lawyer, your doctor and your insurance company.

    •Prevent Being the Victim of Fraud - Our step-by-step instructions help you prevent being the victim of false injury claims, providing you with the tools necessary to record everyone involved at the time closest to the accident using your cell phone’s camera and video camera.

    •Send and Save - Our application gives you the ability to save all information you collect and send it to our server for preservation. Immediately after you send the information to our server, you will receive via text & email, a link to your unique accident record so that you never have to worry about losing the information.

    •Call a Cab - enables you to access local car services so that you can always get home safe.

    •Call Lawyer Now Button-Call Lawyer Now button on every page so that you can always get immediate 24/7 legal help.

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