Advice Animals



Advice Animals brings the popular Advice Dog meme to your Android device. New comics every day.

Cast of Characters:

Bad Advice Dog
Courage Wolf
Foul Bachelor Frog
Scumbag Steve
Hipster Kitty
Hood Dad
Socially Awkward Penguin
Web Developer Walrus
Musically Oblivious 8th Grader
Insanity Wolf
Long Term Relationship Lobster
Sexually Oblivious Rhino
Helpful Tyler Durden
Successful Black Man
High Expectations Asian Dad
Anti joke Triceratops
Ordinary Muslim Guy
English Error Echidna
Like a Boss
Butthurt Dweller
OCD Otter
Diagnostic House
Gaming Gopher
Alcoholic Alligator
Annoying Facebook Girl
Family Tech Guy
Pick Up Line Panda
Paranoid Parrot and others

You can get templates for the characters above, and submit your own animals at Try imgur if you need an image host.

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