AKB camera



I think everyone is like you yourself in AKB?
Who do you resemble in AKB AKB just taken with this camera
I gotta tell easily?

Which part contour, eyes, nose, mouth, atmosphere, and more comprehensive evaluation
I gotta know Where do resemble closely resemble?!

There is no doubt that you raised blind date, meeting women, drinking, such as year-end party!

Easy to use!
Please be captured by the camera my face ①.

Please save the images taken with the camera ②

Please save the cropped image size you like ③

You who turned out to be similar or ④ in AKB!

If you press the button to see more information ⑤, check the details on who you are similar in AKB
Cha can!

"Gallery" image was taken are stored in ⑥ (SD card).
Let me spread by e-mail or Twitter.

It is the only camera app joke.

Contact our Science of our Mariko / MUSIC STATION / Terrace House / School Suka / マジ Obi that he! / LOL / this brother Shindo / Department AKB / HaKaTa Weekly! TV / PON monkey Dollar / ネ mackerel / Dainippon Akan police! / / AKBINGO Tuesday song!

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