Amazing XRay Prank Scanner




    Amazing XRay Scanner Display Prank App.

    Use your phone to fool your friends into thinking your mobile has XRAY (x-ray) scanner build in. Select a picture of a body part and move it as you would scan by slightly tilting. With a bit of practice you will be able to watch your friends amazment.

    Share the laughs and enjoy the fun this app is supposed to bring. To spice things up use the alien head image and turn your friends into an alien.

    App that will live up any party!

    Warning! This application does not turn your phone into a XRAY Scanner - this is just a prank app - it's meant as a joke. It does not also emit any rentgen rays!

    Practice before going into the party for a perfect illusion.

    This app contains following images:
    - Left and Right Hand
    - Left and Right Foot
    - Head from the side (skull)
    - Head from the front (skull)
    - Chest
    - Mutant Hand (with 6 fingers)
    - Alien Head

    All amazing photos from Alex Bird.

    No notification adds and all items available without needing to buy anything.

    Note: This is not a real X RAY scanner as if it were you would get cancer from radiation! There is just no way of creating such a small and portable x-ray scanner. If I did this I would have been a millionaire.

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