Amazon Instant Video-Google TV


Amazon Instant Video-Google TV's review


Amazon Instant Video lets you watch videos instantly on your device

  • Sleek UI
  • HD videos
  • No longer supported by Amazon

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"Watch your favorite series or films instantly"


An Amazon Prime membership usually includes discounts to a ton of merchandise from the library, and even fast shipping. Also, with your Prime membership comes access to Amazon Instant Video-Google TV with over 140,000 videos available to stream right on your device. You’ll be able to watch or rent movies and even your favorite TV shows to watch instantly at the tap of a few buttons. Instant Video also gives you a short IMDB about the actors in your selected film or TV show.


Amazon Instant Video features a sleek, elegant interface that makes browsing through new series and films a breeze. Videos in high-definition run quite well, depending on network’s speed.


You need to have an Amazon Prime subscription in order to use this app. Also, since the announcement of their Fire TV, Amazon has suddenly pulled back support from this app, meaning it’s currently broken and unusable, with customer support unable to provide a workaround.

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by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

Dec 04, 2015

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