Ambient Music New



    Relaxing music on your phone or tablet, new from 15 May 2015.
    With this app, you will calm down yourself, study better, de-stress yourself, and get more sleep.

    The main screen is Ambient Music. You will have the following tracks:

    Three Hours of Ambient Music
    RELAX TV 3 Hours of Relaxing Music, Nature Sounds, Ambient Sleep
    Channel LoungeVstudio, 180 minutes

    Relax Daily Project
    Slow Background Music Instrumentals - soothing, calming, positive
    Channel relaxdaily, 56 minutes

    Guitar Music for Relaxation
    Instrumental Guitar Music ▶ Meditation, Relaxation, Yoga, Work, Workout
    Channel Jack Francis, 68 minutes

    Relaxing Sounds - Zen -
    Chinese Bamboo Flute with Nature Sounds

    Piano Ambient Music
    Bruno Sanfilippo & Mathias Grassow - Ambient music
    Channel Bruno Sanfilippo, 57 minutes

    Guitar -- Still Waters
    RELAX: Relaxing Music, Meditation Music, Sleep Music (Still Waters)
    Channel Alex Bett, 57 minutes

    Relaxation Piano Music
    Relaxation Piano Music II - Grieg, Beethoven, Chopin & Others
    Channel Kamibambiraptor, 82 minutes


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    App Policies
    We do not hold copyright to the works that we have chosen for this selection of videos from YouTube.

    If you want quality ambient music, this app will save you time. These are all videos from YouTube, however, personally picked and problem free. Although there is a good deal of high level Java programming going on behind the scene, you won't notice it. To enjoy the music, just select the track you want, or, with the Play All button, play all the tracks in a row. Excellent if you study!

    Download this app only if you want to relax and do something else while the ambient music is calming everything around you.

    This is our choice of ambient music from YouTube. You can go to YouTube directly, that is true, but having it all in an app, within two or three taps is very convenient and beats entering naked YouTube links hands down. This app is for true ambient music lovers, not for technical buffs!

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