Amy Winehouse Revving at 4500



In 2003, Amy Winehouse debuted to the world her first album "Frank". When she first burst onto the scene she was considered to be as soulful as the soultry sisters of yesteryear as such Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughn and Dina Washington. In 2008 that is no longer the case. Beside her controversial Grammy wins she has been shunned by the industry, critics and artists by the likes of Natalie Cole and many others. This situation has arisen because of the young singers' public display of hard alcohol and drug use.

Amy Winehouse is a good girl gone train wreck with the help of husband Blake Fielder-Civil whom with no doubt has created this monster. Amy is nowhere to be found when looking into her bathroom mirror. In this documentary, you will find out who Amy Winehouse truly is and was while she herself is still searching. Amy Winehouse; this is true cracked case scenario.