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Solar cell phone chargers use solar panels to charge cell phone batteries. They are an alternative to conventional electrical cell phone chargers
Charge your phone using Android Solar Charger via the screen with the power of sun.

With Solar light you can boost voltage up to 3.7 Volt & start charging of your android cell phone device.
With this app you can use Sun light for mobile battery charging by using virtual sonar panel activation in device. Solar Panel absorb the solar energy & convert it to DC volt required for cellphone battery charging .
Transform your Android device into a solar panel and charge your mobile battery & impress your friends.
Just start the Solar Battery Charger app and keep your Android device into the sun or another bright light source. It starts generating electricity .
If you cover the solar panel with your hand the light bulb gets dark & it will not show charging..
The magical Solar Battery Charger app behaves like a real solar cell!
Caution: Your device needs a LIGHT SENSOR! This app won't work properly without this sensor.

With Solar charger you can make joke with your friends. Show off the power of your mobile.
Detects the amount of light
High Quality Graphics
Virtual Solar Power Panel
Charging progress bar indicator
Informational accompanying materials about solar energy You can prevent the device from going to sleep mode
Nice charging animation
Tested on Android Devices not tested on iPhone or iPod

Do not let your device overheat! Be careful when you put your device under the direct sunlight! This is a fun app!

Of course, the screen of your Android smartphones can not use as solar panel. Solar Charger Free is just a fun-app, note more!

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