Animal Farm



Animal Farm is a small and interesting game on mobile phone. You have four animals in your farm and you have to feed them to let them grow. For they are four different kinds of animals, you must feed the right food to each animal.Animal Farm sounds an easy and very simple game. In fact, it is not easy to get a high score because there are different designs to stop you feed the right food to the animal. What’s more, it is a free game.
We had better talk about it in detail.
1. When the game
starts, there are only two animals on the screen: a cattle and a monkey.
2. Food will
drop from the sky. Different animals eat different food, so you need to choose
the right food. For example, there is an apple dropping, it is the food for the
monkey, so you need to click the monkey to let the monkey eat that apple.
3. If you think
this game is just like this, you are wrong. After a period, the rank will be
higher with your score is higher the rank will be higher and the game will be
harder. Then a small and lovely lion will appear on the screen. You know that
lion eats meat so you should choose meat for your lion.
4. The last
animal is a lovely seal which eats fish so you know which kind of food you
should choose.
5. There is a
design that when you get more and more scores, the position of each animal will
be changed automatically. Therefore, it is a little harder to choose the right
food to the right animal. If you think it is easy for you to get a high score, you
can have a try to prove it.
6. If you feel
this small game is interesting, please give me five stars and recommend it to
your friends and families.
Animal Farm is a
animal keeper game for mobile phone. You may have played the similar games
before, you can have a try this game and maybe it can give you a surprise.
Animal Farm can
give you a small farm to feed your own animals. You know that to be a good
animal keeper is not an easy thing. This animal game can let you feel that
Do you want to
keep a monkey or lion? It is impossible to keep a monkey or lion in the real
word, but Animal Farm can give you this chance. You can play this game with
your son, daughter, wife or other families to have a good time at the weekends
or to kill time. You can compare with each other that can get the highest
I hope this fun animal game can give you a good time in your daily life.
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