Annoying Sounds



Annoying sounds to drive your friends crazy!

Annoy and disturb your friends!

Annoying Sounds is the application that gives you the ability to use your mobile for disturbing and enjoying the responses during collage, school's classes or even at work!
There are many applications with sounds this is the only one that helps to prank with your friends.

Just look at the screen caps to see some of the sounds it provides: for example drums, shouting, drill, sirens, baby crying, traffic and even wolves!

Like the famous Benny Hill did many years ago, you can use this app to disturbe with irritating sounds to see the funny reactions you can get from people. Some of them will feel danger, some a bit of horror, but many others will just enjoy a fun moment, because after all, all we want is to enjoy a funny momento with family, lovers and friends.


Trivia: Do you know that Psy from South Korea used Nasty Noises in his first version of Gangman Style and later removed them ?

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