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"AR Logos Social Network" is an innovative application for mobile devices that uses the latest ‘Augmented Reality’ technology (AR).
This application will allow a user to instantly access internet "WebSites" by simply focusing a phone’s camera on a mark" and clicking the screen.
Upon starting the application, the camera is activated and will recognize specific images. MARKS.
When a "mark" is matched, a series of virtual objects in 3D with animation and sound will appear on the phone’s creen.
Within each 3D object, five items are displayed: a central object and another 4 which representing possible options or subsequent links.
Selecting the central object activates an enjoyable animation and sound bite of the 3D-object.
When selecting one of the other 4 objects, the user is taken o defined hyperlinks which may display information, a website, a video, image, audio, etc..
The application comes configured with a series of "WebSites". An example is "the most watched video on YouTube," "the most popular ad in 2011," and so on. The objective is to encourage the user to configure his or her preferred "WebSites" via the settings option.
The application also offers a QR-code reader which allows instant access to WebSites by simply focusing the phone’s camera on QR-Code.
The IGloobe Team wants you to enjoy this experience of AR.
We encourage you to share the experience with your friends via the Share option within the program.
Thank you for using iGloobe Software.
Copyrigth iGloobe Team

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