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Augmented Reality fun application that recognizes brands located in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento de Valencia, where each day in March (1 19) at 14:00 FALLERA MASCLETÀ skyrocket.

When you go to the search mascletá marks (building facades, street furniture, commercial logos shops, etc ...) and where the application will recognize, fun way to emerge from various 3D animated elements, selecting, we show information necessary to move to Valencia in Fallas:

* Reports fallera television, with live retransmission of mascletá.
* Program of festivities. Guide actions.
* Map of faults and the most important events, with detailed information about them.
* Our Facebook page called FALLASBOOK to share your experiences Fallas.
* Information parties exposed by the Central Board Fallera.
It also recognizes custom marks for you. Simply take a picture, save it and use it as a mark of AR.


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