[AR] Syuriken kun



[Syuriken kun],
It is application to be able to throw a throwing knife and various things over a camera using AR!

It is easy even if I take the operation; of the finger one it is operation simply!

you only make a flick at the favorite place on the screen and am thrown a throwing knife refreshingly!
Even small child can be enjoyed.

As for what is thrown, not only the throwing knife but also "Kunai" and the bow and arrow of the basic NINJA item are thrown!
And a heart mark and the pleasant pie arm throw are realized!
It is possible even to let you jump at what the pretty cat!!

It is the application that it is with a pleasant sound and effect and can enjoy from an adult to a child!
I throw it exhaustively, and please enjoy!!

It is an item addition plan at any time!
Please expect it.

※ Attention on using it ※
・ By the specifications of the model, there is the normal case that do not work.
・ I do not work with the models which the camera does not stick to to use an internal organs camera.
・ By a rise in internal temperature, application may stop forcibly when I play at super time.

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