With AR with an apparatus in the terminal
I add it to a reality picture artificially
and am a technique to be expanded.
It may be expressed by the word augmented reality.

This application "AR TERUKO-chan" of the marker type
It is the sample application of the two-dimensional AR camera.

In the production of the marker type AR application
The character who lets you display it in a terminal
I model three dimensions, and attach a motion more
Incorporate it in application,; but development costs many in the process
It takes it.

I produced this application from such a problem.
In attaching movement in the two dimensions expression in the application
I become various and am an event or a promotion plan, but
It becomes application available enough.

Because I will plan the correspondence to a marker reply in future
I download application and a marker once and have by all means
Please experience two-dimensional AR.

1. Please download application from Google Play.
2. Start application [share a marker] from a button
Please transfer a marker image to a your other PC.
3. show the screen of the PC a marker, or please print it.
4. start this application again, and please look into a marker.

Tags: ar マーカー型