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Argument Sound Board ** 21 replies **
Before you rate this please read the description, it's comical chipmunk voices to give answers to arguments, it is meant to be comical.
Can also be used as a shut up button
Have you ever had an argument you really don't want.
Someone arguing with you none stop and demanding you ague back.
How frustrating that can be and you wish they would just shut up
Now you don't have to answer back any more.
Just press a button and it will answer back for you.
This has 21 answer for arguments.
All in chipmunk voices, that's right chipmunk voices.
Can you really see yourself continuing an argument when all the replies to the arguments are said in a chipmunk voice?
Cheeky answers but in a funny voice.
This is one way that might end all your arguments
Stop the madness and start laughing instead.
Please do not use this if it angers the person even more, this is meant to try and stop arguments and get people laughing instead, but if it does the opposite, as might happen at times, it would be better not to use it then to get the person angry with you especially your spouse , friend , family member or loved one
I'll leave that discretion up to you.
This is meant for fun only please keep it as such.
This can also be used as a shut up button in some cases.
The permissions it ask for are not for anything else but the ads.
I know some people get worried about permissions but this is only for the ads.
Hopefully that will ease anyone's worried mind.
21 different sounds
talk to the hand cause the ears ain't listening
I see your lips moving but I cant hear the words that are coming out of your mouth
No no no no no no
I’m not talking to you
Save your breath I am
I don’t want to argue
I told you I don’t want to argue
Silence is golden golden (sing it)
If I were you I would shut up right now
I’m right your wrong deal with it
Quit while your ahead
I get your point now shut up
I got your point ten minutes ago, now shut up
Whatever you say princess
Whatever bucko
You still talking
Call someone who cares
Are you done yet
Blah blah blah
Your own couples counselling or marriage counselling in an app, stop your anger and start laughing together instead.
Well hopefully that will be the result.
This app is not intended for children which is why I rated it as medium maturity
If you are going to give this a bad rating that is fine, it makes me work harder to make better apps but please watch the language, it's doesn't solve anything and may offend others.
I'd rather an email to let me know what the issue is or a review on what the issue is.
Thank you
plus this app is one I did for fun, which is why it is for free :)

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