arRA Saguenay



Bringing the physical world to life with arRA Saguenay! Using the world's first virtual browser - powered by Aurasma.

arRA Saguenay allows your smart phone or tablet to recognize images and objects. It then augments your view of the real-world with videos, music and 3D animations called “Auras”.

We are no longer limited by the technology - with the combination of powerful computers in small devices, camera integration and the internet - we finally have all the elements to let our imaginations run wild and create a world in Augmented Reality.

• Bring images, objects, products and places to virtual life, simply by pointing your device at them
• Double tap the screen to enter full screen mode, single tap the screen to find out more
• Make your own Auras and attach images, objects and even buildings
• Choose from arRA Saguenay's vast library of animations and 3D characters
• Share updates with your friends through Facebook and Twitter

1) Download the app
2) Open and point your device at an image featuring our Digital Leaf logo or just point your device at the screenshots on the website:
3) Watch as the images comes to virtual life
4) Tap the screen to find out more
5) Double tap at any time to enter full screen mode

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