Arsenal FC: Match & News



Get Arsenal FC's live score, latest news, next match countdown widget, match reminders(EPL, ECL and etc) and many other Arsenal FC related info in Google Now style from one app.

App features:
+Follow Arsenal FC match live score(EPL, ECL and etc) in Google Card interface.
+Home screen widget that shows and countdown the next Arsenal FC match in your local timezone(based on your phone's timezone).
+Live score details include goal scorers, teams line-up, cards details and substitutions.
+Reminder options to remind you when the next match is about to kick-off.
+Get socialised - comments on any Arsenal FC topic using Facebook or Twitter account.
+External web links to read Arsenal FC's latest news, live match commentary, league table, past results and fixtures.

One last thing, if your Android version is 4.2.2 and above you could add the match countdown widget on your lock screen(Samsung devices may require you to disable secure lock screen like pattern or pin).

A must-have app for any hardcore Arsenal FC FC fan.