Artificial Intelligence Bot



Talk to a computer - with an actual AI.
Voarsh is a dynamic artificial intelligence. Make a new virtual friend, teach him, learn from him, share jokes and gossip.

Ask Voarsh to copy everything you say.
To start this say: copy me
to get Voarsh to stop you must say stop copying me (say it twice)
Try and insult Voarsh's mother, he'll try to get you back!

Voarsh can help you with Maths equations, science questions and general knowledge
It can also give advice. The Artificial Ingelligence is designed to be a little entertainment tool.

You can get very entertaining answers to the most basic of questions. It may say bad things, which shows that some people are rude. He learns from others.
It learns from every conversation it has, getting smarter and smarter every day.

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