Baby Height Predictor!



Wonder what height your baby girl or boy will grow up to be? Baby Height Predictor easily lets you predict and calculate the future height of your baby or child based on health statistics. Just put in your height and your partner's height into the calculator, and see the prediction for when they are full grown!

The calculator shows a graphic of how your child will appear compared to you and your partner, and compared to the national average (US based).

You can also do a more refined prediction for children you already have, taking their height and weight into account. Please note that the height prediction based on child characteristics is more accurate as the child gets older, usually past 4 years.

You can use the English scale (feet and inches) or metric system, based on your preference. This app is from the makers of Baby Names! We hope you enjoy the calculator and find the prediction fun and useful! Please note that all math models of human height, including this one, are only rough estimates and should not be taken any other way. If you have any concerns about the height of your child, please contact your pediatrician!

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