Baby Tap Piano



Baby Tap Piano is a great way to learn about music for babies and kids of all ages! Play a piano, guitar, drums or xylophone while exploring music. These instruments sound very realistic and work great with swipes! There is also a classical radio, so you can listen to several famous composers. The radio will play pieces from Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, and Mozart.

Pro Version -

There is a colorful 12 key piano to play. As notes are played on the piano, watch as clouds change color in the background to add to the fun!

The 6 string guitar sounds just like a real guitar! As the guitar is strummed, animals will change color providing more stimulation!

There are 13 different drums for you to play with, each with there own unique sound.

A colorful, 12 key xylophone provides endless entertainment. The changing space objects will keep the fun going!

The radio plays classical music and white noise. Listen to some of the most famous pieces of classical music. There is a playlist for sleeping as well as many popular pieces by Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, and Mozart. The white noise also provides great ambient sound to help with sleeping.

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